...Out on 2/12/2018

  • Biography

    Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Amonoo Ekow Felix (born August 23, 2001), known single-handedly as Xan.Xiety Rhettz is a Black-American who joined the rap game in September 2018. He is claiming to be a solo rapper on his own. For his songs, he says they are yet to be released with time. With no producer of any sort, He works at home in his ''9ot-so-9ice''' studio.

  • Selected Adventures

    "Travel while you're young and able. Don't worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be."

    Founded Thrive Detroit


    Our vision is to grow a youth led entrepreneurial movement in Detroit. Network members share a commitment to youth-leadership development that fosters future creators, problem-solvers and social change-makers.

    Saigon to Shanghai


    In 2015, I spent my summer traveling across Vietnam and China. My solo journey began in Saigon, cycling north through 5 different countries.

    Istanbul to Albania


    1,000km hitching, hiking & biking across the Balkan Peninsula following the Via Egnatia, an old Roman route from Istanbul to the Albanian coast.

  • Partnerships

    I have over a decade's experience in the entrepreneurial space and have worked with numerous community leaders, press, ngos, grassroots organizations including the following:


    "Harnessing the Power of Youth and Curiosity"

    Detroit Free Press

    "A Shift In Thinking Will Change Detroit"

    TechTown Detroit

    "Solving Detroit's Problems with the Lean Startup Method"

    TechTown Detroit

    "Solving Detroit's Problems with the Lean Startup Method"